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    The Power of Staying

    Full creative expression in its many forms involves learning to stay with the process and cultivate mindfulness in the present moment. ‘Staying with’ your creative process is essential to transforming intention into action, idea into form, beginning into completion. In The Power of Staying you will experience a full body mindfulness meditation of forward bends, deep stretches and hip openers that nurture and release the connective tissues of the body. Using the breath to conduct our awareness inward, we learn to relax around our sensations, feelings, emotions and thoughts as they arise. Staying with our creative process this way allows us to move from constantly reacting and responding to a more receptive state of creativity, whether on your mat or in your daily life. When we relax and become still, the creative cortex of the brain becomes more active, leading to new ideas and breakthroughs. Slow down, stop the spinning, and become more intimate with breath, the very source of your creative expression. Stillness can be a wonderful adventure.