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    Good News

    The past is dead. What happened yesterday can never be retrieved. You’re free to move on – into the eternal now – untethered and unchained. That’s truly good news! The future doesn’t exist. Yet the mind is constantly reliving the past, constantly trying to understand it, and constantly projecting it into the future. Identification with the past or future perpetuates the frustrating cycle of not letting go and not moving on. What’s worse, every time you think about a past event, you’re not remembering the actual event, but rather the last time you thought about it. And every time you think about it, it changes. The mind spends a lot of time and energy making stuff up, customizing it to jive with its current opinions and prejudices. Stress is the result of mental and emotional reactivity. When an event is interpreted as particularly significant or experienced as traumatic, your unconscious reaction may be to either fight, run or freeze. However, you can choose how to respond to what happens to you: you can fight, flee, freeze or let it wash over. With consistent yoga practice, you will gain an ever-greater capacity to consciously allow it wash over. The physical body loves to hold on to energy of past traumas as much as the mind likes to re-live them. Some of the energy associated with traumatic events may have become stuck in the soft tissues of your body. Regular yoga practice is an opportunity to quiet the chatter of the mind, unlock this energy, get it moving, and even let it go. You can let the past go if you want to, and that’s what this class is all about. That’s ‘Good News.’