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    Phat Habit

    Human beings are creatures of habit. You are what you habitually do, and the way you do anything is essentially the way you do everything. If you want to be healthy and happy, it would behoove you to cultivate some good habits. Taking care of your Self is not rocket science. Exercise moderately. Drink plenty of water. Eat nutrient-rich, life-giving foods. Get plenty of sleep. Don’t abuse drugs or alcohol. Live with intention. Love and accept yourself and others. Don’t worry about things you cannot control. You do all of these things, all the time … right? Breaking bad habits and forming good ones requires discipline. Discipline means doing the things you know you need to do, even when you don’t want to do them. An intelligent approach would be to do those essential things first. Not easy, but totally doable. The most important skills necessary for changing habits are attention and awareness. A bad habit is destructive; a good habit is life affirming. A bad habit that you’re aware of is better than one you’re not aware of, because with awareness you can decide to change it. A good habit that’s unconscious can be dangerous because conditions change. Either way, you need to pay attention. Yoga is any conscious change. To experience yoga we must try to take our concentration to its end. “Phat Habit” is a slower paced class wherein we focus on paying attention to the very specific details of correct hip alignment. Notice how much the little things – when made conscious – really do matter. Enjoy!