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    Opposites Attract

    Opposites Attract’ is designed around the idea of playing around and moving forward and backward until you find the middle ground. Opposites need each other like summer needs winter. Life is a dance: for every up there‚Äôs down, every high a low, and every day a night. These opposites dance through every aspect of life. If we want to live fully, we must accept cycles and the changes they bring. Prana (life force) is felt as a dance of opposing energies pulsating deeply through our body. We can experience this Universal dance of the opposites through our conscious pranayama and asana practice. Each deep, conscious inhale is an opportunity to experience the life-affirming impulse of creative growth and expansion; every full, complete exhale an invitation to surrender and let go. Pressing down into the earth through the foundation of a yoga posture helps find stability and strength. Enjoy this Level 2 balancing sequence, remembering that balance and stability come from equal parts strength and flexibility.