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    Ground Game

    ‘Ground Game’ is designed to strengthen and stabilize the areas in your body that tend to get used the least. Not long ago, people used their bodies more and differently than they do now. Tasks that are simple by today’s standards were physically demanding and labor intensive. Now, lawnmowers are self-propelled or ride-along and you don’t have to get off the couch to change the channel or answer the phone. Modern machinery has taken much of the workload off our hands; most of us don’t have to lift much if we don’t want to. One consequence of modern convenience is physical atrophy in the upper body and the muscles supporting correct posture. Why would you do a military press? To strengthen your shoulders and core in that particular range of motion, so you never lose the ability to lift something over your head. If you want to be healthy, you must make a conscious decision to take care of areas of the body that don’t get used enough. If it’s part of your body, it’s important, so take care of it. This Level 3 class is challenging in ways you may not have been challenged before, so be prepared to modify or back off if need be. Keep coming back and you’ll grow into a greater master of your physical domain.