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    High Tied

    Have you ever gotten into an accident on purpose? Or, have you gotten out of an unfortunate bind on accident? Here’s the hardline: If you find yourself in a bad pickle, it’s your fault. Either you weren’t paying attention, or you were attentive but weren’t listening to your intuition. There are no accidents. Your body is always speaking to you in the language of sensation. That language is your intuitive wisdom, and intuitive wisdom is always correct. Learned intellect, on the other hand, is like a lawyer. The intellect knows only how to guess, suppose, assume, rationalize and make arguments based on past experiences. Your body is an energetic feedback instrument that says only yes or no. The intellect is relative truth; intuition is absolute. Asana practice quiets mental chatter while cultivating greater body awareness and sensitivity. With consistent yoga practice, we gain an ever-greater capacity to listen to our intuitive wisdom. With that, comes an increased capacity to stay out of some of the happenstances that prevent us from moving forward and growing. We grow less compulsive and less reactive; we become more quiet and contemplative. ‘High Tied’ is a Level 3 class designed to help you practice getting in and out of some moderately challenging binds carefully and consciously. Maybe it’ll even help your insurance rates go down.