Short and Sweet 1 by Travis is an excellent flow to get your heart rate up and open your hips, shoulders, and heart. Travis demonstrates and narrates to music, and the practice quickly gets you into a deeply meditative space.

Taking thirty minutes to practice this class helps you hit every part of your system, and is an excellent reset for the body and mind. Starting traditionally in sun salutations A and B, Travis integrates core work and moves you to some unexpected balances. These dynamic movements challenge your balance and your focus, and pull you out of your typical flow.

The steady and focused pace of this class allows you to be deliberate with your breath and slow and direct with your moves. Travis encourages you to think of the details within each of the poses – rotating your triceps inward in down dog, leading with an open shoulder in side angle, reaching with your back foot in down dog split, and so forth. This class enables you to fine tune your postures while building heat and getting into a flow that elongates muscles and burns fat at an increased metabolic rate.

The perfect way to start or end your day, this flow touches all bases and helps flush your mind of any stress or worries. Activating your core and awakening your lymphatic system, Short and Sweet 1 is a balanced and conscious practice to help you refocus and reenergize.

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