Some of us are great at making the most amazing things in life hard!  Some of us are great at squashing the purest and most beautiful intentions.

By letting your new yoga practice be easy and enjoyable, you are so much more likely to stick with it, and receive all the magical benefits.

So, here are some simply tips to support you in letting your new practice be easy and effective.

Avoid Burnout by starting slow and building into it. 

Don’t jump into a practice that feels overwhelming.

Starting a Yoga Practice? A Simple Tip for Avoiding BurnoutI know it can be super exciting to imagine yourself waking up at 5:30 am every day to do an hour and a half of yoga. We all want to imagine ourselves as superman or superwoman, but even if we do manage to shift our entire life- it’s likely you’ll burn out after a week or so.  Even if you are psychologically pumped up to make a big change in your life, your entire system needs a little time to adjust.

So start slow. 

If your goal is to be practicing yoga 7 days a week and you are currently not doing any yoga at all, start with one or two days a week.  And rather than starting with an hour and a half practice each time, ease in with a couple 30 minutes classes.

A few years ago I was trying to complete a book, I kept trying to write for 4 hours a day.  I was told that professional writers write for a minimum of 4 hours a day, so that’s what I was going to do.  After several months of constant failed attempts, maybe writing for an hour here or there, and always feeling bad about myself, I started working with a writing coach.  She told me to write for a maximum of 5 minutes each day for 7 days.  5 minutes?!  5 minutes!?  That wasn’t going to get me anywhere!  That wouldn’t work!

But I didn’t have any other solutions for myself so I gave it a go.  After 5 minutes of writing, I was longing to write more, but she told me to stop even if I wanted to keep going.

Slowly but surely she increased the time I was writing and it was amazing!  I was whizzing away, effortlessly writing like it was my job!  When I wasn’t writing I was constructing my ideas, my creativity was flowing, something was unlocked within me and it was incredible.

This method works. 

Start with a goal that is unbelievably reachable!  You’ll feel successful- you’ll feel like you can do it- because you can.  So start slow and build up in a gradual way.

Another great tip to help you along your way is to make it fun.  You are way more likely to commit to it and to not burn out on your yoga practice if it feels fun!  You’re way more likely to be successful and to enjoy all of the amazing benefits of a consistent yoga practice.

Starting a Yoga Practice? A Simple Tip for Avoiding BurnoutHere are some ideas for making it fun!

1. Ask a friend to practice with you

2. Treat yourself- make yourself a really yummy smoothie or green drink before or after

3. Find some fun clothes to wear that you feel great in.

4. Celebrate your success. Before you start, make a list of ways that you love to celebrate yourself and make some sign posts that when you hit, you will celebrate!

5. Practice at home once in a while and save yourself the time and energy it takes to get to a class.

Starting a Yoga Practice? A Simple Tip for Avoiding Burnout

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