This February marks the completion of my fourth year as a yoga practitioner and the second year of being a member of Udaya yoga. I like to consider myself a lifer because Udaya has allowed me to stay true to my practice and myself despite, moving, having young children, working too much, and struggling to find a studio in which I feel “at home.”

I have my favorite instructors and my favorite classes as do most Udaya members but the beauty about Udaya is that there is always a class that will meet you where you are “off the mat.” I have spent many days taking Rudy, Vytas, and Michelle’s classes. Recently I experienced a pelvis/back injury that forced me to stop my asana practice for a few weeks. I spent the time meditating and journaling, and when I was ready to get back on the mat, there were classes on Udaya that helped me to slowly return to my asana practice.

I started spending time practicing restorative strength (or active restoration) with Jules Mitchell. These classes have made such a difference in my asana practice. Not only have they helped me to get back to the practice I had grown accustomed to, but also I have found a new awareness that will help me to strengthen my practice long-term. It’s kind of like when you read a book or see a movie for a second time; you read and see things you never saw the first time. This is what Jules’ classes have been for me. I have been practicing for so long that sometimes I am on autopilot as I visit a pose. I may be practicing Mula Bandha but I could also be more conscious, more embodied.

Jules’ instruction in Standing Poses about grounding the feet and how the weight distributed in the foot informs the pelvis is a reminder to be embodied all of the time.

Jules is truly a talented yoga therapist and her instruction is meticulous and compassionate. I look forward to spending much more time on the mat with #julesyoga and continuing to strengthen my practice both on and off the mat.

#yogaeverydamnday #udayaforlife

You can watch the entire class Standing Poses on

By Dr. Jen Huberty: Yogi, ASU Professor of Exercise & Wellness, Mommy
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