By Olivia Janisch

Certain herbs and spices have insanely powerful health properties. Try adding one or a few of these to your juices (and smoothies) to get optimal benefits from your food!

Chlorella –

Source: Single cell green algae

Benefits: Pulls heavy metals and toxins from your system,  high in protein and other nutrients


Ginger –

Source: underground stem of the Zingiber plant

Benefits: Energizing, supports digestive health, reduces nausea and cramps, eases allergies



Source: Blue-green algae

Benefits: Great source of iron, calcium and omega-3s, complete protein, great anti-inflammatory


Turmeric –

Source: Root of the curcuma longa plant

Benefits: Extremely anti-inflammatory, powerful antioxidant, promotes radiant skin


Cayenne pepper powder–

Source: Hot chili pepper

Benefits: Supports weight loss, aids absorption of nutrients, stimulates circulation


Cinnamon –

Source: Inner bark of several trees of the genus Cinnamomum

Benefits: Stabilizes blood sugar, boosts cognitive function, fights against fungal infections


Mint –

Source: Peppermint plant

Benefits: Cleanses the blood, soothes the digestive tract, increases memory and focus


Bee pollen –

Source: Male seed of plants collected on the bodies of bees

Benefits: Enhances energy, boosts the immune system, treats allergies, reduces cravings

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