Svadhyaya: Getting to Know Yourself Deeply

60 Min


Svadhyaya is one of the Niyamas and if you are interested in learning more, check for the rest of the classes I have dedicated to each of these habits that a healthy, happy, and liberated yogi cultivates. Svadhyaya is the practice of self-reflection. It is our way to get rid of our ego and move into a deeper self-awareness. Meditation, Pranayama, Chanting, Asana are all different avenues that may help you get closer to your True Self, but journaling, being in nature, or something seemingly non-yogic might even do the trick. When we look at ourselves honestly and openly, we can grow, heal, and ultimately lead a happier life and that is exactly what we’ll explore in this class.

Live Music by Deepak Ramapriyan, James Stapleton-Cotton, Masood Ali Khan, and Eddie Young.

Udaya Spotlight

I practice to stay connected to my body, my mind, my community, and to stay inspired as a teacher. I teach because I hope to provide a space for others to feel the way my practice has made me feel: supported, nurtured, challenged, empowered, and confident! Happy people = a happy world. I’m inspired by my dog who loves unconditionally,
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