Snack healthy with these flavorful and nutritious vegan delights.

– Avocado on rye toast with lime juice, salt and pepper
– Smashed avocado dip with chopped cherry tomatoes, olive oil and balsamic with corn chips
– Hummus and baked chips – make your own in a blender with garbanzo beans, tahini, garlic and olive oil. Try adding artichokes, jalapenos, or sun dried tomatoes to for added flavor
– Baked sweet potato fries
– Natural nut butter with celery slices on whole wheat crackers
– Homemade peanut butter cups – Smash handful of pretzels and mix with peanut butter. Roll into small balls and refrigerate for ten minutes. Melt dark, dairy-free chocolate and roll balls of peanut butter mixture in chocolate. Place in freezer and enjoy when frozen.
– Sliced apples dipped in honey and granola
– Fresh melon, apple, and nectarine salad (or any fruits of the season you enjoy)

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