Carolina Fischer Germany

Vinyasa, Hatha, Power

UDAYA Yoga & Fitness

Carolina Fischer pursues her yoga journey with courage, discipline and her contagious high spirits. Since completing her Teacher Training in 2003, she has been continuously expanding her knowledge of yoga and sharing her experiences with her students. She always manages to encourage her students to expand their limits and guide them to the next level – physically, mentally, emotionally, as well as spiritually. Carolina’s aim is to combine everyday life and the challenges life brings with spirituality. Her intention is to create a haven, to provide her students the opportunity to find their own potential and to use it. Her yoga can’t be labeled to a specific style. She grew up with Hatha Yoga and has been inspired by many different types of techniques. She combines these to create original classes which provide a unique experience every time. Carolina has a love for mantras and meditation as well as a devotion to well-being and mindfulness. Experiencing her teaching inspires the body to find what it is looking for and the soul to come to peace. This indescribable feeling always manages to touch the heart.

Carolina is owner and founder of the ATHAYOGA Studios and the Swiss Yoga Conference in Zurich. She offers regular yoga classes at her both studios, as well as retreats and workshops. She works as a personal coach and offers private classes. Carolina teaches mainly in German.