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Mili Lazcano Spain


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Mili Lazcano teaches in Spanish on UDAYA

Mili Lazcano, founder  of Shambala Urbano Yoga in Madrid, started practicing yoga while she was going through a deep personal transformation, and yoga was the way of reconnecting with herself while going through this rebirth. She started practicing with Mark Whitwell and took various teacher trainings with him, in the traditional Vinyasa yoga of Khrishnamacharya “The Heart of Yoga.”

She truly believes that to be a yoga teacher is essential to deepen on your own practice, as “you are your first student.” Each day we learn something new about ourselves. She is trained in yoga, meditation, massage, and dance. Among her yoga teachers are Mark Whitwell, Tom Morley, and she’s also studied directly at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, with teachers as Srinivasan ve.

For Mili, music and dance are very important tools to get to know ourselves better. They give us freedom in the way we understand the body and how it expresses the emotions in a free form. She has trained with Gabrielle Roth “Five Rhythms”, “Soul Motion” with Vinn Arjuna Marti.

As an Esalen certified Massage practitioner, Mili works with intuition and believes that knowing how to massage and explore the human body from touch can better allow her to understand each person as an individual with their different needs.

Mili’s yoga classes are based on the different rhythms and aspects of each moment. Encouraging her students to realize that they each breathe differently and therefore have “their own yoga” connected to their heart. She guides her students to learn how to flow with it and understand who they are and how they feel in that moment, based in their real teacher “their breath.”