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Tony G, an East Coast native of Italian roots, took to heart his parent’s advice to be a “renaissance man.” From a young age, he was encouraged to explore his creativity and to follow his heart. In high school Tony began his journey into self-expression with painting and the visual arts, later on moving into music and songwriting to eventually find a deep passion for meditation and Yoga. At 16 his love for spiritual practices was ignited when his uncle gave him books on Kundalini yoga and on Native American mythology.

Tony’s devotion to the path of yoga and self-expression fills his classes with both knowledge and intensity, while his big heart lends sweetness and compassion. His classes are infused with biomechanics, philosophy, breath work and often times live music. He pulls inspiration from his diverse artistic background and this, in turn, creates the vision and voice for his teachings. Tony views teaching as a live collaboration that allows him to explore all the different aspects of himself as well as a way to guide people on their own inner and outer journey. Tony’s greatest joy is in helping to awaken new students’ passion for yoga and to see new and seasoned practitioners find deep freedom and self-expression in the context of a safe and loving environment.

Tony G, E-RYT 500, has been studying, practicing and teaching professionally for the last decade. He has been honored to study with many teachers over the years including Ravi Singh, Noah Mazé, Sue Elkind and Naime Jezzeny, Dr. Douglas Brooks and Dr. Paul Muller Ortega. Tony is co-owner of Yoga at the Raven, a beautiful sanctuary located in Los Angeles. He is the creator of Yoga Elementals™ and founder of Meditate Study Practice (MSP)™ – a program designed to be accessible to students and teachers of all levels and life paths. Tony leads monthly workshops and 200 and 300-hour teacher trainings, in Los Angeles and abroad.

Explore his program: Yoga Elementals.

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