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Yogendra Swaraj Sharma Mexico

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Teacher Yogendra Swaraj Sharma

To talk about myself in the context of Yoga in a deeper sense is a task I find hardly possible. Words do not suffice. All is based on experience and I feel that experience is contagious but inarticulable. However, some aspects of this wonderful inner journey I would like to share here as my homage to my teachers who have accompanied me as in the name and form of my friends, brothers and other family members, and of course my school and university teachers.

My first contact with yoga happened at a very early age in India when I used to go to the parks to play in the morning. There some old men doing interesting postures saw me and invited me to join them. Without any hesitation, I enjoyed that and found all the turning and twisting of my body really blissful. It was not difficult at all at that age. I quit my physical yoga practice but had the privilege to continue with book readings which contain the philosophy of yoga like Ramayana, Geeta (Mahabharata), etc. while I was doing my higher secondary and graduation.

I moved to Mexico in 1999 to do my Doctorate in Spanish Literature (theater), where I had conversations with my friend Hari, who encouraged me to inquire more on Hindu philosophy and mythology and above all, to learn about myself. One good day, Marcos Jassan called me to share some Sanskrit with him and yoga hugged me again in all its forms like practice, meditation, giving classes on the philosophy of yoga, traveling to yoga retreats to meet other valuable teachers in Mexico, USA and Asia.

Nowadays I learn while I give classes, courses and conferences on yoga in Hindu Darshan (I prefer to use this word instead of philosophy), Mythology, Hindi and Sanskrit language and literature at Indian Culture Center, Om Yoga Marcos Jassan, National Autonomous University of Mexico, and some radios stations and TV channels in Mexico along with other academic and cultural institutes.