When we run or engage in any cardio activity the body experiences the initial expression of resistance and stress – a flight or flight adrenal release. As we engage in the activity, our mind focuses and we enter into that window of the exquisite high and clarity. We experience a rush of endorphins and deep introspection. We are creating a path of intense determination to force our body to perform through self-expression and self-discipline. We ride the endorphin rush throughout the activity and reach culmination as our mind clears and the muscles fill with energy and heat.

Ali Owens teaches us to appreciate that beauty and grace as we center, slow down, and ground. This class encourages the body to relax as we move through a gentle flow, stretching the hamstrings, core and upper body. Elevating our blood filled enables the swelling to decrease and the body to return to its normal peaceful state. This class is not just for post cardio, but can be done whenever we need to release stress and clam the mind and body.

I find this class to be my daily slice of heaven after I return home from a long run, it clears my mind, cools my body and prepares me for my day.

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Namaste~ Bless you!

by Shevaun Williams: Yogi, Certified Personal Trainer/ Pilates Instructor, Reiki Master III

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