If you live in Los Angeles like me, you are no stranger to the freeway – the 10 to the 405 to the 101 can get you to your favorite yoga class across town… in over or under an hour depending on traffic. Driving is a part of most people’s lives in the city and at times practicing yoga, feeling blissed out then having to get into your car and navigate your way through the masses can feel a bit counterproductive to the wonderful yoga high you just treated yourself to. Let’s consider the benefits to a home yoga practice and The Udaya Yoga Commute – how long does it really take?


Benefit #1: Pants are Optional

When you begin to cultivate a morning yoga ritual at home you start to experience the time-saving benefits right away. Yoga pants and other clothing items are completely optional, saving you lots of time trying to pick the perfect outfit for class.

Benefit #2: Anytime is Tea Time

While making the Udaya Commute from your bedroom to your living room, you can pass through the kitchen and steep your favorite tea. No long lines and no one telling you:

Benefit #3: Take a Scenic Detour

Sip your tea as you swing by your window to see what the weather is like, without actually having to be in it. Take in the beauty of your neighborhood and have a moment of gratitude for where you live, your health and your loved ones.

Benefit #4: Create your own schedule.

You’ve made it to the living room, but you’re not quite finished with your cup of tea. No problem. With Udaya classes, there is no teacher telling you to step to the front of your mat right at 8:00am. You get to press play at 8:12am or whenever you’re done reading your favorite passage from the book you keep by the couch.

Benefit #5: Your practice is your own.

There’s something special about the fact that you’ve chosen to practice yoga today. You do it because it helps you feel great in your body and calms your mind. You commuted all this way to take your favorite teacher’s class and you receive the gifts of your decision.

Benefit #6: Your favorite breakfast spot is in the next room.

Let’s face it. When you cook at home you have so much more control about what ingredients you put in your body, especially the levels of sugar and salt, which can greatly impact our cravings and overall health. A home based yoga practice can also support you in preparing more of your own scrumptious food at home.

Benefit #7: Self-care is key

When flying they remind you to put your oxygen mask on first so you can help others. It’s the same with self-care. When we recharge our own batteries, we have more to give to others. Save yourself the regular commute across town and choose the Udaya Commute today. See how much time you save and how much unnecessary stress you avoid. You deserve to feel great.

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