The moon is responsible for so many aspects of the world we live in and this class is a celebration of that. Our tides in the ocean, the length of our days, how much we can see at night, and even the way our planet rotates, all depends our friend, the moon. Moon salutations, or Chandra Namaskar, are meant to soothe and can balance out all of your powerful yoga practices or help you decompress from a difficult day.

When we practice at night, it can aide in deeper sleep, de-stressing from a long day, or potentially, even better performance for those night owls whose bodies “like” to move more in the evening than in the morning. Sometimes practicing at night can help you create healthier routines too. Oftentimes people talk about snacking a bunch late at night and, of course, going out for a few drinks or appetizers is always an option. But if you just finished a yoga class you might be a little less tempted to pick up a drink and some chips.

If you’re trying to begin an evening practice, or if you just need to unwind after a particularly long day, roll out that mat, maybe make some herbal tea after class, and see if you can make this practice a bit more internal than usual. What I love about moon salutations and all of their variations, is that they are traditionally practiced a bit slower, a bit more carefully, and have a really wonderful flowing quality. As you practice, see if you can move with intention and work towards cultivating a focused and peaceful sensation within yourself.

You can watch the entire class by clicking here.

By Anna Hanson

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