Trust comes with time. While there may be those amazing moments in life, like falling in love at first sight, my view is that it is over the course of time that true, unwavering trust develops. In matters of love, it’s the sharing of many, many days, and sleeping in the same bed night after night and year after year that creates a lasting bond. In matters of Yoga it is practice, over time.

I think it is interesting that the Sanskrit word for faith, Shraddha, is mentioned only once in Patajali’s Sutras and seldom in the other great texts as well. In Patanjali’s sutra 1.20, Shraddha is listed as one of the five Yoga “vitamins” – daily intentions and practices to keep us on the path. The implication is clear, however that faith is necessary for, and grows because of, the practice.

It is through daily practice on the mat and cushion, that we sense and are convinced that these practices do make us feel better and indeed become better, at living – and yes, loving. Each practice builds on all the ones that have come before, creating a momentum that is more powerful every day. Each practice builds a visceral and spiritual understanding of karma: the idea that what I think and do will have an affect on my world and the world. This knowledge and ever-growing trust in the potency of this essential truth insists that I continue to show up in all ways. Practice begets practice. Trust begets trust.

As our trust builds, and we have ever-greater confidence in practice and the power of our choices, however small, may we all continue to practice with the clear intention that all beings everywhere live with peace and love.

by Annie Carpenter: Yogini

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