When I began practicing yoga, I avoided Yin. It was not what I envisioned yoga to be. It forced me to go deep within myself and be quiet. I embrace neither. The first time I did a Yin class I thought, “Who cares about the fascia, get to the cardio and the difficult poses.” I resisted.  But something pulled me back repeatedly and as I released, I cried. I stopped fighting.

I have grown to love this gentle yet powerful practice. Old injuries began to heal. I sought out that ever present edge and embraced pushing passed it – not to pain but to self-healing.

My two favorite Udaya Yin teachers are Andres Salcedo & Travis Eliot. Both share a passion for the healing qualities of Yin. Their voices are so hypnotic and encourage a meditative ambience in their classes.

In this class Andres delivers insightful information and shares his personal experience with Pigeon Pose (eka pada rajakapotasana). Pigeon opens svadhisthana, our 2nd Chakra, which lives in the genitals and has six vermillion lotus petals. It corresponds with the element of water.

The chant or mantra for this Chakra is VAM or VANG.

The 2nd chakra is our base for pleasure, sensuality and sexuality. When fully opened we feel the energy flow into our lower back, sacrum, bladder, and womb. We are then able to share with honesty and clear compassionate emotions. Our cleansing functions also are directly related to this chakra.

As you deepen into Pigeon Pose, softly chant VAM. Allow it to resonate deep into your sacrum to encourage the full expression of yourself with courage and strength!

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Bless You!



Shevaun Williams: Yogi, Certified Personal Trainer/ Pilates Instructor, Reiki Master III

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