Yoga Slammer: Love Embraces Everyone

15 Min


Diese 15min sind mit dem Herzen zu praktizieren. Es gibt keine Asanas, sondern nur das Zuhören. Jang-Ho wird vom Herzen aus die Botschaft der Liebe sprechen (in Poetry Slam). Nehme eine entspannte Haltung und lasse dich darauf ein. Wagen die LIEBE mehr zuzulassen.

In this 15min you are going to practice with mind & heart. There are no asanas. It is all about listening. The philosophy of yoga will be told through a poem.

Udaya Spotlight

Ever since I can remember, I have been on the search for more, for something greater. Growing up in LA, I never truly felt comfortable in my own skin. I hungered for knowledge and growth through perspectives that differed from myopic western systems. After reading some Alan Watts and Krishnamurti my thirst grew stronger and, although I didn’t know...
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