Many of us spend most of our days in fashionable sensory deprivation chambers, otherwise known as shoes. The feet have about 1300 nerve endings per square inch, which are strangled by our choice in foot wear. Simply losing the kicks and stepping on the mat isn’t always enough if you want to perform your best. Especially if you’re trying to balance – both on your feet and on your hands.

This simple foot exercise will make a profound change in how you experience your feet, by increasing awareness and proprioception.

After you do your first side, get up and walk around. Pay attention not just to your feet, but to your knees, hips, and lower back. Stand in Tadasana and compare sides. If you’re a handstander, do a handstand (downward dog will do just fine.) What a difference, right?

Now do the other foot.

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By Jules Mitchell, M.S.
Yoga Therapist and Exercise Scientist

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