Frequently Asked Questions

We support the latest version of most major browsers. These include:

  • Google Chrome (which auto-updates)
  • Safari
  • Firefox (which auto-updates)
  • IE9, 10, 11
  • Microsoft Edge


Additionally we support most mobile browsers that support HTML5 playback. This includes Android phones and tablets (4.1 and up), and iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.

First Steps:

  • Clear your browser cache and reset your router


Chrome: Chrome –> Clear Browsing Data or History –> Show Full History –> Clear Browsing Data…

Safari: Preferences –> Privacy —> Remove All Browsing Data

Firefox: History –> Clear recent history

Internet Explorer: Tools –> Internet Options –> Browsing History


  • Restart your browser and confirm that it’s up to date
  • Try a different browser (if this is an issue in just one browser, that’s very helpful to know!)
  • Try connecting from a different network (i.e., from home vs work)

If all else fails:

If you continue to have a problems please complete these extra steps and contact us.

  1. Check your internet speed. Please share your results in your email.
  2. Open a Playback Support Ticket: Log a Problem Report, which is found by right-clicking on the player and selecting “Report a Problem”. Provide a description of the issue along with what city and country you’re connecting from.

All of this information will help us to narrow down where your issue is coming from. The more information you give us, the faster we can work to solve your problem.