Anyone who has ever taken a barre class remembers one thing; the thigh workouts!  Well this class will take it a step further adding thi


Sometimes when you only have 30 minutes to practice, it’s important to get in as much as possible without focusing on any one parti


Working with a partner, will enable the student to go deeper into the pose.

Live Music by Clinton Patterson, Sheela Bringi and Bre


Part of Rudy’s Functional Yoga Series. Functional Flexion focuses on forward folds, elongating the spine and engaging the core.


An all ages delicious cocktail of few soothing and nurturing asanas, accompanied by the sweet vibration of the mantra. Relax, Restore, Re

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Jules Mitchell. Who doesn't love this girl?! Jules has put her 10,000 hours in to become one of the leading practitioners and teachers in the field of Restorative Yoga. She is a dedicated member of the Udaya family and has been with us since the beginning. As a Yoga Educator and Exercise Scientist, she combines the
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