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    A Hand With Handstand

    Handstands are like puzzles, and it can be hard to tell where all the pieces go. Not to mention, the thought of turning completely upside down and balancing on our hands can seem a bit scary. But a handstand is a metaphor for so many other things we’re afraid to untangle and turn upside down in our lives. It’s the ideal laboratory to break things into manageable bits and patiently, playfully, consistently work our way towards progress. This 15-minute workshop will give you A Hand With Handstand by showing you a few ways to ease in. Armed with your Hand With Handstand options you can head over to Play Your Best Hand for a 45-minute flow that offers moments for you to play with your handstand in a longer sequence. You will need a wall for some of what we do in Hand With Handstand. Not a wall near a window, covered with sharp objects, artwork and electrical land-mines too close to your coffee table… a wall-space that allows for safe, uncluttered play.