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Please Make Me Taller

Did you know that typically over the course of a day we shrink? I’m talking up to a half an inch! The gelatinous discs between our vertebra are over 80% water and they dehydrate and compress when we stand and sit the way we do throughout the day. At night when we’re horizontal, they tend to plump back up again, but after the age of 30, we start to permanently lose height… most of us about a third of an inch (1cm) per decade. Yikes! As a shorty, I’ve always longed to be taller, but all of us benefit from growing our trunks and spreading our branches. Strengthening our muscles and understanding of the mechanics behind our stance (a.k.a. lifting taller doesn’t mean lifting up our chin) can help decompress our spines so we can walk tall into coming decades. So step away from slouching in front of your computer and let’s get started.  You will need a block, a blanket or large towel to pad your knee and wall space for this practice.