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    Seeking Warrior

    As the fancy French author Marcel Proust elegantly put it, “The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” It is in this spirit that we encourage you to practice the Seeking Warrior, which carries you through what appears to be a typical Vinyasa flow, but with a decidedly more inward-looking intention. Rudy will walk you through what he calls the Five Doorways (Focus, Awareness, Consciousness, Imagination, Manifestation), which is fundamental to his teaching. It is a conceptual technique that transcends the gross (as in blatant, not disgusting) physicality and elevates your practice beyond the mat. Rudy believes that most of the benefits of yoga come from the mental aspects of the practice. It is by traveling through the Five Doorways that you are able to access your full potential and manifest your own destiny.