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    Dancing with the Unknown

    Dancing with the unknown is a beautiful metaphor for life. Along the journey of our full creative expression we face the fear of failing and the fear of judgement, much akin to the fear of falling while going into handstand. Fear is creative energy that has formed a pattern (samskara). Inversion practice helps us to unravel and transform these patterns of fear in the body and psyche alike. This Dancing with the Unknown sequence is made up of stabilizing core work, breath work and standing poses leading to peak inversions to develop trust, courage and confidence in the face of fear. These skills are essential for seeing your creative intentions through to completion. When we turn our world upside down, we find new ways of navigating the flow of our creative energies. We surf the waves of change and the ‘unexpected’ with greater ease. This act of embodied exploration and expansion beyond our known comfort zones is the ‘dance with the unknown’ which we all must master in our daily and creative lives.