East Forest

East Forest’s “blissful” (NPR) brand of music for old souls blends achingly emotional wordlessness, ambience, and contemporary classical touches with a touch of pop sensibilities and electronic flavors – “a revelatory excursion in sound” (Under The Gun) that invites listeners to “go on a journey of self-discovery” (Earmilk).  Originating as the solo project of Trevor Oswalt, his belief in sound healing – that music is holistic in nature, granted power beyond melody spurred his own research.  Oswalt’s music blends his life experiences as a performing pianist for a dance troupe, playing music in a hospice, as well as time spent with shamans in Amazonian jungle and backpacking throughout the mountains of the U.S. searching for answers.

East Forest composed and performed live the original soundtrack for Yoga Elementals with Tony G, 27-day yoga program that is a journey into the 5 elements. This beautiful soundtrack is available for download.



Beatific by East Forest. Sit back and let the sounds of East Forest envelope you. For more –> http://eastforest.org.


Udaya presents the very talented East Forest who is the featured musician on Yoga Elementals with Tony G. To hear more of his music visit



Space is a well-balanced, full spectrum class that leaves us feeling open and energized. It guides us to develop an open, clear beginner&


This 10 minute presence meditation focuses our attention and awareness on our inner space (consciousness) allowing us to experience this


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