Ryan Herr

Producer. Composer. Performer. Ryan Herr is steeped in the practice of improvisational music, pulling from a variety of genres and a multitude of instruments to create his array of musical soundscapes. He has been performing and improvising music for over 18 years in venues and festivals around the world.

As a self-taught musician he learned to use his ears in order to make music with others, which has led him down a diverse and dynamic musical path, stemming from Latin classical guitar, to thumpin’ electronic beats. In addition to several solo recordings, Ryan has also recorded and performed with The Polish Ambassador, Shaman’s Dream, Wildlight, saQi, JPOD, Ayla Nereo and The Wailers. He has performed with members of numerous other acts including The String Cheese Incident, The Motet, Buena Vista Social Club, Taj Mahal.


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