Alexia Kulterer is a Vienna-based Yoga teacher and chocolate maker who is not only known for her creative Yoga classes, but also for her indulgent raw chocolate creations that are part of her offering at events, workshops and retreats. She has more than 1000h of training in different styles of Yoga (Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Bhakti, Yin, Restorative) and merges techniques into a well-rounded Vinyasa practice that she likes to call “a blend of the go(o)d”. A traveler at heart, Alexia passionately sets up unique Yoga retreats at breathtaking places around the world combining Yoga, dance, music and a healthy portion of raw chocolate. Living Life to the fullest.


Jules Mitchell. Who doesn't love this girl?! Jules has put her 10,000 hours in to become one of the leading practitioners and teachers in the field of Restorative Yoga. She is a dedicated member of the Udaya family and has been with us since the beginning. As a Yoga Educator and Exercise Scientist, she combines the
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