Ryan CM

Director of Budokon UK, Global Master Trainer, and Nike Yoga + Trainer UK, Ryan began his training at the age of seven in the Martial Arts, studying various forms throughout the years. He became intrigued by the similarities in the arts and in his early 20s pursued further knowledge. As a teenager he was a keen footballer playing on Saturday/Sunday leagues and trained in areas such as kettlebells, clubs, TRX, HIIT, calisthenics, gymnastics and Parkour as part of or to supplement the Martial Arts.

An unexpected journey unfolded and provided him the opportunity to train with many world leaders and be invited to represent organisations such as Budokon, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champions), Nike, and Yogic Arts. He has taught in various places including Scandinavia, America, South America, Caribbean, Asia and the United Kingdom. He is now an international teacher & personal trainer of yoga, Martial Arts and functional fitness, with 25 years of experience in the mind and movement arts and 12 years teaching experience. He is proud to work with a diverse range of clients including A-list celebrities, professional athletes, Royalty, and the young. He expresses a truly unique passion for his work. His classes are rooting, yet athletic and challenging, with sweat and smiles in abundance.


A taste of a signature Budokon Style class by the UK Director/Global Master Trainer Ryan CM. This class focuses on our Rolling Salutation


Heavily based on the Budokon Style with elements of Shaolin martial arts. This short flow is designed to stir up your yoga practice with


Udaya Spotlight

I practice to stay connected to my body, my mind, my community, and to stay inspired as a teacher. I teach because I hope to provide a space for others to feel the way my practice has made me feel: supported, nurtured, challenged, empowered, and confident! Happy people = a happy world. I’m inspired by my dog who loves unconditionally,
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