Pure and Simple

Andres Salcedo

Pure and Simple

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Style Bhakti, Power
Duration 60 mins

This is a well rounded basic routine that contains all the components you need to enjoy and create a Sattvic (Pure) State at all levels.

From Tapas with Andres Salcedo, a 8-class, Level 1, Bhakti yoga program. Gain access to the full program by upgrading to the ENHANCED membership level or by purchasing streaming access.

Focus poses Forward Fold / UttanasanaRoyal Sunbird / ChakravakasanaWide Legged Forward Fold / Prasarita Padottanasana
Muscles & joints Full Body

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    Well, that was the most fun I ever had in a “level1” class! I was looking for a gentle class where I could stretch my achy back…this class was it and so much more. You want basic poses with a lot of creativity and fun? This is it! Thank you so so much😍