Yoga for Truckers

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Cheri Rae

Yoga for Truckers

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Style Restorative
Duration 50 mins

Thank you to the truckers who move all our stuff around! We love you for bringing us all the things we love. Truckers can spend 18+ straight hours in the seat of their trucks, as do many of us in our jobs and at home. This class is for getting into the body to open it up and decompress the joints and muscles that begin atrophying due to lack of variety of movements. Learn to sit as if you’re standing. Even if you’re not a trucker but feel like you could play one on TV, come move some s*@#t around with us. This class is for anyone who has sat for prolonged hours in a truck, a car, a chair or a couch. This class is for everyone.

Focus poses Shoulderstand / Sarvangasana
Muscles & joints Spine