Qi-Gong & Yoga, Part 1

50 Min


Qi-Gong und Yoga sind wunderbare Wege, um sich und die Umwelt zu erfahren. Diese beiden Wege überkreuzen sich in den folgenden 50min. Harmonisch und ergänzend wird Jang-Ho die Haltungen und Übungen aus beiden Welten mit dir “begehen”. Viel Freude dabei.

Qi-Gong and Yoga are both great ways to experience life and yourself. In this 50min class both ways will be one path with blend movements. Enjoy.

Udaya Spotlight

Ever since I can remember, I have been on the search for more, for something greater. Growing up in LA, I never truly felt comfortable in my own skin. I hungered for knowledge and growth through perspectives that differed from myopic western systems. After reading some Alan Watts and Krishnamurti my thirst grew stronger and, although I didn’t know...
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