39 Day Challenge

Udaya has hand selected and compiled 39 specific yoga classes from different instructors to create this well rounded 39-day Yoga Challenge. Save this page in your browser’s bookmark section so that every day for the next 39 days,  you can easily come back and get your dose of movement and good energy. This is an opportunity to get to know the Udaya teachers that you may not have practiced with yet and to explore new variations and flows. This 39-day Yoga Challenge gives you just enough time to find your edge. Enjoy!

Day 1:  Mixed Bag Vinyasa

Day 2:  Open with Grace with Alyssa Ablan

Day 3:  The Athletic Warrior with Rudy Mettia

Day 4:  Twisting Flow with Michelle Goldstein

Day 5:  Restorative Yoga with Jules Mitchel

Day 6:  Yoga Cross Training with Travis Eliot

Day 7:  Basic Practice with Vytas Baskauskas

Day 8:  Cardio Blast with Caley Alyssa

Day 9: Yinilicious with Marisa Wepner

Day 10: Detox and De Stress with Anna Hanson

Day 11: Yoga in an Elevator with Jeff Beaudoin

Day 12: I Can Fly with Alyssa Ablan

Day 13: Yoga Integrations (morning) with Rudy Mettia

Day 14: Gentle Yoga with Travis Eliot

Day 15: Serious Core Work with Vytas Baskauskas

Day 16: Hips and Hamstrings with Caley Alyssa

Day 17: Energizing Flow with Ali Owens

Day 18: Work It In with Calvin Corzine

Day 19: A Leg To Stand On with Jules Mitchell

Day 20:   The Truth of the Shape with Eddie Elner

Day 21:  Simple Mindful Meditation with Vytas Baskauskas

Day 22: Core Sequence with Caley Alyssa

Day 23: Eye-of-the-Tiger with Rudy Mettia

Day 24: Knee and Hip Mastery with Jules Mitchell

Day 25: Vinyasaless Vinyasa with Caley Alyssa

Day 26: Short and Sweet 1 with Travis Eliot

Day 27: Triangle Flow with Ali Owens

Day 28: Bottle Rocket with Jeff Beaudoin

Day 29: Yoga Foundations 2 with Travis Eliot

Day 30: Mandala Flow with Michelle Goldstein

Day 31: Power of Pause with Alyssa Ablan

Day 32: Shoulder Opener with Vytas Baskauskas

Day 33: Mood Enhancer with Jules Mitchell

Day 34: Lucy in the Sky with Rudy Mettia

Day 35: Back Bends with Caley

Day 36: Intermediate Flow with Ali Owens

Day 37: Open Up with Calvin Corzine

Day 38: Mixed Bag Vinyasa with Vytas Baskauskas

Day 39: Short and Sweet 2 with Travis Eliot

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