Born and raised in southern California, Temitope began practicing yoga asana in earnest after a series of revelatory life experiences. Coming from a football strength training background, yoga practice shed light on new ways of nurturing long term strength, balance and flexibility. Temitope relies on the breath/prana/qi/ase to guide his life, practice and classes.

Extend and twist to nurture without demanding the muscles to bear the intensity of power found in these “passive” postures.


Invoke firm gentleness, like a mother lion carrying her cub. Compassionate strength comes from our intention to spill into the movements.


Entering postures with respect for what is there by checking into our body before movement. Emphasis on individual readiness and variatio


In ode to the sacred fractal geometry of nature (pregnancy, Self-Realization, etc.) we explore flowing within flows.


We spend a good amount of time with our breath because its the basis of life. Its the first and last thing you will ever do. The differen


Udaya Spotlight

Rudy often describes himself as “obsessed” with yoga and it is clearly evident in his teaching. Utilizing his experiences both on and off the mat, he inspires students to challenge their perceived boundaries while respecting their limitations. As he guides students within the class, he carefully breaks down each movement, finding myopic muscle and energetic actions to achieve the most.
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