As the seasons change, a great way to energize and revitalize your system is with a fun and gentle detox. Check out our posts through October on how to plan a successful and enjoyable detox of your own.

Doing a detox benefits your body in so many ways, and doesn’t necessarily have to be extreme to do wonders for your system. The biggest components of a successful detox are:

  1. A willingness to try something new
  2. Conscious development of a greater awareness of your habits
  3. A commitment to the process

The hardest part about a detox is the mental practice. In order to be successful, you must be committed to changing your habits to make your detox accessible and enjoyable. This way, you don’t end up feeling limited or thrown off your routine. Since you’re reading this, yoga is probably a big part of your life already, which is a great start! Yoga is an excellent way to develop your will power and also get comfortable with typically uncomfortable situations.

Some good ways to hold yourself accountable to your detox are:

  1. Make it public – post on social media, tell your friends, and get everyone excited and in support of your goal.
  2. Get a buddy – having a friend to participate in the process with you makes it a lot more fun. Also, being a motivator and leader when it comes to getting healthier is an excellent person to be, and is a great karma booster.
  3. Put a reward in place – been hoping to take a trip somewhere, take a spa day, or buy a new dress? Choose whatever it is you’ve been wanting and give it to yourself once you’ve completed the challenge. Earning it that way will help you enjoy it more, and will work to support you in your process.

Whichever way you are detoxing, there are a few habits that will help make it extra successful. These include:

  1. Drinking lots of pure, fresh water – it will aid in cleansing your system more efficiently, will reduce cravings, helps you sleep better, and will keep you mentally focused and alert when you might otherwise reach for sugar or caffeine.
  2. Planning ahead – do not leave your house without a healthy snack, juice, tea or smoothie to go to when you need it. Depriving yourself because you can’t find anything that fits your detox will stress you out and make the process a lot less enjoyable. Be prepared so that you can take care of your needs.
  3. Practicing mindfulness – two minutes of meditation a day will change your life. We make so many unconscious food based decisions every day. When you simply commit to it, meditation, even if you don’t feel anything, becomes a hugely positive force in your life. Start with two minutes each morning. It will aid in making rational choices, being more in touch with your feelings, and will improve your will power.

Be sure to personalize your detox to suit your own needs and lifestyle. Be gentle on yourself, and know that any conscious commitment to improving your health is a positive one. Have fun, and enjoy the journey.

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