Bhakti Yin Yoga

With Sita Devi

Bhakti Yin Yoga is a 6-class, level 1 heart-centered yoga program by Sita Devi. This program promotes deep relaxation and release of physical, emotional, and mental tension. The focus of Bhakti Yoga is an expression of devotion by chanting and kirtan. Yin Yoga uses deep breathing and pranayama practices combined with deep stretching and holding poses for a longer time creating deep relaxation. This program combines these two modalities. Breathe, stretch, relax and allow yourself to melt into the nectar of devotion through Bhakti Yin Yoga.


  • 6 Bhakti Yin Classes (60 min.)
  • Simple Poses for All-Level Practitioners
  • Live Music by Shamans Dream


  • Relieves Stress
  • Increases Focus & Clarity of Mind
  • Relieves Body Aches, Joint & Back Pain, Headaches

Live Music by: Shamans Dream