Bikini season is around the corner people. Let’s get on it before you miss the whole summer hiding in your pajamas, or trying last minute to flash lose weight right before that trip to Cabo.

1. Get hydrated

When you’re hydrated your body works most efficiently. Your cells thrive, you look younger, and you lose weight. Dehydration makes you mentally slow and physically weathered. Drink water, it’s as simple as that.

2. Ditch the sugar

It’s a well-known and widely accepted fact that diets don’t work. However, if they told you to stop eating sugar, then they would work.

Sugar causes inflammation, which is the underlying cause off all illness and physical disorder, and, you guessed it, weight gain. Sugar is your body’s worst enemy.

Let’s be clear here, I’m talking about processed sugar and artificial sweeteners. Yes, fruit has high concentrations of sugar but it’s also packed with antioxidants and micronutrients that make your bod look banging and (generally) cancel out the negative effects that come with a spike in blood sugar.

Stop the creamer in your coffee, the mid-morning ‘health’ bar and yogurt, and the vodka lemonades. Go simple. Snack on fruit, dark chocolate and nuts, carrots and hummus; drink your coffee black, order clean cocktails such as tequila soda or a nice glass of red.

At first the retraction of sugar will be a shock to your system, but your taste buds will adjust and you’ll begin to appreciate simple and normal flavors again. Three days without any sugar is usually enough to break your cravings and let your body adjust. Try it, it works I promise.

3. Start on smoothies

The best way to stabilize your appetite, increase your metabolism, and get your body looking great is to swap out one meal a day for a smoothie. You can load them up with all kinds of superfoods and greens, making them an extremely nutrient dense and satisfying part of your day. Click here for recipes, but having a few basics on hand at all times will enable you to whip up something you enjoy at all times. Kale, a nut milk, coconut oil berries, and some flax seeds are all you need for an extremely balanced and satisfying meal.

4. Eat more fiber

People who eat more fiber lose more weight and have cleaner systems. Fiber binds to toxins and escorts them out of the body, and also curbs your appetite. Highly fibrous foods include flax seeds, apples, pears, leafy greens, and legumes. Incorporate them into your diet wherever you can. It’s the one thing that consistently and across all boards helps everyone with their health, and is an excellent tool in keeping yourself feeling and looking great.

Having a body you’re proud of doesn’t come from extreme dieting or obsessing at the gym, it comes from consistently mindful and healthy choices on a daily basis. Start with these simple steps for a good foundation and the best you will follow.

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