Yoga takes on the qualities you need at any given moment. Yoga is like a Siren, luring you with her perfectly pitched song to satisfy whatever desire is ready to be fulfilled. Like love, she is there when you aren’t looking for her, when you need her most, and when you are due for a life lesson. Yoga is constantly adapting her tune, reflecting who you are and who you show up to be for her.

My relationship with yoga qualifies as a long-term relationship; she has always been there (even before I was formally introduced to her) and she is going nowhere (even if we must be apart at times). As with all long-term relationships, love must be present to allow for a dynamic connection; one that ebbs and flows with the changes of life’s demands.

In the beginning, yoga showed me who I was. Later, yoga encouraged me to evolve and mature a relationship with my deceased parents – a very much alive and active relationship despite physical restraints. Yoga is always present between me and my sister, strengthening the bond we share by being a mutual best friend. Yoga is always an invited guest when we are together.

Presently, yoga introduced to me to science and research – my current love. Yoga led the way for me to discover biomechanics – a subject I’d almost missed when pursuing the education that was expected of me. But there she was, singing the song that changed my path so I’d sail off the predictable course and into the unknown.

I can’t wait to see where she takes me next.

Jules Mitchell, MS

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