If you’ve practiced with The Ultimate Yogi, you have undoubtedly seen Dan McKernan’s face. Since his first 108 day journey with The Ultimate Yogi, Dan has been up to bigs things with his non-profit Barn Sanctuary.

What is Barn Sanctuary?

Barn Sanctuary is a hands-on animal sanctuary dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and caring for farm animal refugees. This includes any animals that have been abused, abandoned, sentenced to death or are victims of natural disasters. They provide education to the public about the horrific treatment of animals raised and slaughtered by modern-day farm factories and the positive impact that a plant-based diet can have on the environment and our health. The vision is a world in which animals are treated with empathy and compassion; a world where interacting with animals inspires people to make healthier dietary choices for the sake of animals and the environment. Barn Sanctuary strives to lead a new and diverse generation of people towards a vegan lifestyle. DISCOVER BARN SANCTUARY

Meet Little Dude & Andy

Barn Sanctuary lets you choose which animal you’d like to sponsor and support.

Plant-based Eating Just Got Easier!

Barn Sanctuary has rolled out its next big project in support of helping people develop a vegan lifestyle, called Kitchen Companion. Whether you want to reduce your meat consumption, go vegetarian, or try out some vegan recipes, Kitchen Companion is here to support you! As a member of the Barn Sanctuary Kitchen Companion, you’ll know that you have a team with you every step of the way. Their team will cheer you on, provide support, and help you find the resources you need to be successful. Whether it’s finding a recipe to bring to a potluck, knowing what to say to skeptical friends, or figuring out what to order at a restaurant, their team of food experts is available to guide you. You’ll always have a place to go to feel connected and supported. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT BARN SANCTUARY KITCHEN COMPANION

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