These gentle healing practices will take your detox to the next level.

1. Do a detox bath

A detox bath relaxes muscles and mind, stimulates detoxification, and pulls toxins from your biggest organ, your skin. Give yourself 40 minutes – the first 20 are for detoxing, and the second 20 will enable you to absorb the nutrients.

For the ultimate detox, add these ingredients:

1 tsp.vitamin C crystals – these pull the chlorine and ammonia from the water that would otherwise get absorbed into your blood stream through your skin

1 C. Epsom salt – rich in magnesium and sulfate, Epson salts aids in muscle relaxation, flushes toxins, is anti-inflammatory, and helps form protein in brain tissues and joints.

1 C. baking soda– baking soda is cleansing and has anti-fungal properties, and will leave your skin feeling super soft

Essential oils – there are lots of great oils to choose from out there. Lavender or ylang yalng are extremely calming, and tea tree and eucalyptus oil are detoxifying. 20 drops are about enough for a full bath. You can instead add fresh herbs or flowers that you have at home, including mint, jasmine, chamomile, or whatever suits your mood.

After your bath, be sure to drink plenty of water to flush your system. You can also exfoliate your body with a loofah or medium bristle brush. This is an ayurvedic practice that helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, will boost your detox even more, and is an excellent self-care practice.

2. Twisting asana poses

Yoga is exceptional for strengthening your mind body connection, improving your will power, and taking care of every muscle, tendon and organ in your body.

During a detox, it’s an exceptional tool as it can help accelerate the process. A great way to wring out toxins lingering in your organs is through twisting asanas. These include twisting chair, twisting half moon, twisting crescent, and twisting core poses. Take them slowly and mindfully, and really visualize yourself releasing anything that you don’t need anymore, including emotional and physical toxins. Take long, slow deep breaths as you visualize everything holding you back releasing from every place in your body.

Opening up the hips is a great way to release emotional toxins also. Try any pigeon poses, open hip stretches, and working towards sundial pose.

Twist and Flow by Vytas is a stimulating class to guide you through some excellent poses.

3. Spiritual cleanse

Our physical wellbeing is largely influenced by our thoughts, emotions, and perspective. Over time, beliefs and negativity from the world build upon our consciousness, and we need to dissolve them to get back in touch with our pure and perfect nature. Emotional blocks and negative mindsets can create physical blocks in our bodies and hold us back from our highest potential, and can actually cause our body to hold onto harmful toxins.

Doing a spiritual cleanse enables us to break free of patterns that restrict us from achieving our goals, developing will power, healing our relationships, and making much needed changes in our lives.

There are a number of ways to cleanse yourself spiritually and the best way to do it is to find what you connect with. Journaling is a great practice to get in touch with your spirit and intuition. Keeping a gratitude list or a list of things that gave you pleasure each day resets your mindset from the frustrations of daily life, and puts you in a place to see the little miracles that exist everywhere. Practicing self-love through actively recognizing and releasing guilt, fear, and other pressures, and doing things that make your heart sing will open your heart and elevate your potential for greatness.

Going towards your joy, releasing criticism, and recognizing your life for the beautiful blessing it is are all ways of cleansing yourself spiritually and opening yourself to the beauty of your higher nature. Pick what feels right to you and actively nurture it.

Photo by Jacob Walti

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