Loni Lincoln

Loni Lincoln is a self taught musician and musical composer who describes her music as conscious folk pop. Her early influences include The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Nina Simone, Tracy Chapman, Sheryl Crow, Shania Twain and Alanis Morrissette. Loni started writing at a young age to rationalise thoughts and feelings about the world and what she knew was true. Loni found her voice after she was encouraged by a friend to attend an open mic and fell in love with performing. Since then Loni has collaborated with many musical talents, producers and you can even see her in the choir of Sam Smith’s “Stay with me” video. Achievements include a number 1 single on Beatport for “Shadowboxing” by Schroff, performing at London Fashion week with the Enchorus choir and appearing on the line-up before UB40. Loni now finds solace in singing for yoga classes to combine both her loves in life. Check out some of the work she has performed and produced on YouTube or Soundcloud.

This dynamic class focuses on opening the front of the body and mobilizing the spine. Releasing any tension that may have built up around


This Rocket inspired class looks at some of the deeper hip opening variations available in a rocket practice. Aiming to stabilise the bod


Strengthening glutes practice, it is important to strengthen our glutes not purely for vanity but to help balance and stablalize the pelv



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