Alyson Khan

Alyson Khan brings 15 years of yoga teaching and yoga therapy to her classes. Her credentials include E-RYT500 and certified yoga therapist. Her teaching ranges from person to person, depending on their needs as a yoga student. She works with clients that have Fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic pain, post surgery, stroke, to pre natal care. She has taught hundreds of students in Europe, India, to retreats and music festivals such as Lightening in a bottle and ShaktiFest. Her passion lies in teaching first time students and returning students with the care and ability to create a yoga practice that is accessible to all people and all body types. As she likes to say, “The proof is in the yoga pudding. Every time I practice or teach a yoga class, I return to the “me” that I recognize: Clear, relaxed, inspired, fun. My yoga practice still surprises me and keeps me coming back for more. So, I eat the yoga pudding. I practice.”

She encourages students to listen to their bodies and their breath so that they are able to modify yoga postures in any class with any teacher anywhere.  She believes yoga is about tuning into your self through the breath and thus knowing how to modify the body, wherever it is today, in this moment.



This is class is designed to help us unwind from our busy lifestyles. Get ready to relax and enjoy deep breathing and gentle stretching.<



A basics class that will focus on hip openers.

Live Music by  James Stapleton-Cotton, Masood Ali Khan, and Eddie Young.



We will practice Handstand and Forearm stands using the wall. A great way to build strength and stamina while learning inversions.


Working with a partner, will enable the student to go deeper into the pose.

Live Music by Clinton Patterson, Sheela Bringi and Bre


Just like the title say, “Moving Nap.” We spend the entire class lying down doing deep, gentle stretches. No need to get out


A basics class that focuses on twists.

Live Music by Clinton Patterson, Sheela Bringi, and Brent Kuecker.



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