Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson, 500 ERYT, is a former University of Florida athlete and professional basketball player who became a full-time yoga teacher in 2008. In addition to his regular class schedule Jason leads teacher trainings and retreats. His work with professional athletes includes the NBA Atlanta Hawks. His training with Shiva Rea in Chakra, Elemental and Rasa Vinyasa helped to refine his style. Jason excels at guiding life, sport and activity athletes in the empowering practice of being present yet cool, serene yet aggressive, strong yet tranquil, in motion yet graceful.

His flows are orchestrated with rhythmic motion, secured by a grounded foundation and led by the ballad of the breath intertwined with dialogue that inspires the purpose of the practice. As a former Division 1 and professional athlete turned yogi, Jason feels a deep connection to athletes and individuals alike. He is inspired to guide his students to connect with their inner glow of self respect and to reach their potential of greatness, with the goal that these strengths will transition off of the mat and a be a guiding light for situations on the court, on the field and in everyday life.


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I practice to stay connected to my body, my mind, my community, and to stay inspired as a teacher. I teach because I hope to provide a space for others to feel the way my practice has made me feel: supported, nurtured, challenged, empowered, and confident! Happy people = a happy world. I’m inspired by my dog who loves unconditionally,
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