Freedom Flow

Paula Pavlova

Freedom Flow

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Style Vinyasa
Duration 60 mins

This flow is designed to connect you to your inner sense of freedom through intentional movement. Though Asana, our bodies are able to catch up to the soul and begin to focus further awareness on the breath that stems from deep within the wing space of the body. The space which starts from the core, the bottom of the lungs or ribcage, around the shoulders, all the way up the arms and to the tips of the pinkies. This class is intended to let the Asana set you into divine alignment with your highest sense of Self. Who do you aspire to be? What sets you free? What makes your feel worthy and meaningful? The fact of the matter is, much of what locks us up in this life is self-inflicted. These postures are designed to empower and recharge the confidence one needs to flow freely and happily through this life — strong and tall on your own two feet, rooted and rising into your dreams. Freedom is a two part word: “Freed” and “OM”. Through soulful vinyasa flow, this class will free your body to meet your soul, and charge your mind to listen to the harmonizing sound of your spirit represented in the everlasting hum of OM — the universally binding sound of life manifested. Enjoy! May your practice be blessed.

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