Doing a detox is a supremely beneficial way to improve your energy, flush toxins from daily life, strengthen your system, and lose unwanted lingering weight. For some, a detox is very easy, while for others it can be a challenging and frustrating time. To ensure that your personal experience is a good one, there are things you can do to prepare for it to make it gentler on your body and lifestyle.

1. Plan your time

Not getting to eat your favorite meals or have nice dinners with friends to look forward to can get a little disheartening during your cleanse. Think of other things you can incorporate into your days that you will enjoy and nurture your spirit. Try getting into a new book, taking a fun exercise class, or arranging to meet with friends over tea or juice instead of coffee or happy hour. Switching up your schedule will make things more interesting and enjoyable during the time

2. Slowly start cutting down before your cleanse

If you eat meat every day, stopping all of a sudden for your cleanse is going to feel very difficult. The same goes for sugar, dairy and caffeine. Start to slowly and consciously cut them out. Go for a day without one, and see how it feels. Be aware of your cravings and your moods when you don’t give yourself what you’re typically used to. It will prepare you well for your cleanse and will make the transition easier on your body and mind.

3. Think about your routine

Is granola and yogurt your go-to breakfast? Do you make a coffee run everyday at 3:30? Do you usually hit the bar after work with friends? Look at times where your will power might be challenged and think of alternatives. Maybe the mornings are spent drinking hot water with lemon while you read the news, your afternoon coffee is replaced with a ten minute walk to get your energy up, and you take the time after work to call an old friend or go to an interesting talk in your neighborhood. Being aware of potentially challenging times will make your detox go by a lot more smoothly.

4. Look up recipes

Let’s face it, a detox can get seriously boring. For many of us delicious foods are big motivators and bring us together with friends and family. However, there are fun and delicious things to enjoy during your cleanse that will help you feel less deprived. Get excited by looking up new juice and smoothie bars in your area, and finding interesting things you can make at home.

5. Nurture your sleep

Nothing saps our will power like lack of sleep. When we don’t sleep well, we’re much less inclined to make healthy choices and feel resolve towards our goals. Make sure you are sleeping well. It does not necessarily have to be a lot of hours, but sleeping soundly and through the night is critical. It is the only time our bodies are able to properly restore and do maintenance on our entire systems. Ways to improve your sleep are to turn off electronics an hour before bed, create a sleep routine, stop eating two hours before bed, and eliminate caffeine after two PM. Try a few and see what work for you. Melatonin supplements can enhance sleep, as can a nice decaffeinated tea thirty minutes before bed. Sleep is essential and should not be overlooked or taken for granted.

Preparing mindfully for your detox will make the process a lot more enjoyable and rewarding. Put some things into place now that will support your goals and keep your spirits up.

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