Active Consciousness Meditation

With Punnu Singh Wasu

Active Consciousness Meditation is a 12-class meditation program by Kirtan Master and Meditation teacher, Punnu Singh Wasu. There are a number of popular methods to attain the state of meditation all over the world. The ultimate aim of all the methods of meditation is to unite the Atma (Soul) with Paramatma (the Supreme Soul). The foundation for all the methods of meditation is the awareness of breathing that helps in attaining the concentration of mind leading to total peace. Concentration of mind is the primary requirement for Active Consciousness Meditation.

The practice of Active Consciousness Meditation, or ACM, is initiated with humble prayer to Supreme GOD and Mantra jap sadhana-chanting of the single word OM or a mantra of choice. The thought is concentrated on the breathing, the mind concentrates on inhaling and exhaling. This is called breath awareness. The feeling of the touch of the breath inside the nostrils should be felt by the mind. This is the first stage of Better Health Meditation. There is a close relationship between the control of the sense organs and the concentration of the mind. As the control over the sense organs increases, the intensity of the disturbance in the mind decreases. The disturbances in the mind are thus streamlined and ultimately reduced to zero.